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    Home » News » Wireless Electrical Vehicle Installation
    Posted on Sunday 12th September 2021 in News

    Wireless Electrical Vehicle Installation

    Going Wireless with Flexible Power Systems

    Cassidy Systems undertook the installation of a wireless charging point up in Edinburgh that utilises the CCS charging method. This was a £1.6M project lead by FPS (Flexible Power Systems) in partnership with the city of Edinburgh council and Heriot-Watt University.

    During our time at Edinburgh, we installed the Wireless charging pad, equipment, and the bespoke battery storage module that will give the charging unit a combined peak power of 44kW. This installation allows the customised van (Vauxhall vivaro-e) to charge at approximately 25kW on standard 3 phase power, and where required, the battery system will input a 19kW power injection that is trickle charged when the charging equipment is not used.

    Wireless technology is not new, and its adaptiveness to commercial vehicles can ensure the electrification of EV meets become a more cost-effective solution. The great advantage with wireless charging is the fact there is no interaction, making a seamless connection that provides convenience and rapid charging.

    Specifically, to this charger, it operates at AC currents which is then rectified via DC which then allows the vehicle to charge directly to the battery. This allows the vehicle to charge much faster via a DC voltage, this is primarily because the conversion from AC to DC is done within the equipment, rather than in the vehicle. This decreases charge time and does not require the on-board rectifier in the vehicle to be used. (As would be generally used via the tethered EV Charge
    point method).

    We are very grateful to work with Flexible Power Systems, and we look forward to their upcoming projects and their ambitions of their Net Zero approach. A massive congratulations to the team!


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