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    We encompass over 5 years of experience, specialising in electrical and electronic installation and testing

    Design | Installation | Commissioning

    We can conduct and provide for Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial:

    • Electrical and Electronic Installation (Including panel building)
    • Electrical Vehicle Charge Point Installation, Maintenance and Commissioning
    • Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR’s)
    • 3rd Party sign off for Domestic Electrical Installations
    • Landlord safety certificates
    • Fuseboard replacements and upgrades of Single and Three Phase
    • Security and emergency lighting
    • Electrical Maintenance and repair
    • FAT + PAT Testing (Fixed and portable appliances)
    • And much more.

    There are 5 steps to our process, that being: Consultation, Assessment, Design, Installation, and Commissioning.

    Depending on your project, either big or small. our process can be fast or may take longer depending on the requirements. Below is an overview of what we look for, as this is something that sets us apart from others.

    • Consultation

      Before anything is started, that being Installation, Testing or Inspection even Maintenance. We need to understand what it is you wish to have conducted on for your project. Once we have an understanding, options that may be suitable will be presented, we can then proceed to the assessment side of the process.

    • Assessment

      Once a successful consultation has been undertaken, we want to assess your project, this includes Photos of the installation area, Previous certificates, etc. We would want to assess the capacity including maximum demand, supply characteristics, space availability and suitability for the installation etc. Based on this information, we can then proceed to provide an estimate or quote

    • Design

      Once a successful Assessment has been completed, we can proceed to the design stage of your project, this includes safety calculations of conductors, environmental factor considerations, statutory compliance and BS7671 or similar compliance. Once we have conducted our design for your project, we can then consider the installation preparation.

    • Installation/erection

      After the design stage has been undertaken, we look to organise a date for the big day! Once we have a date confirmed, we aim to install and erect the installation or provide such service to satisfy your project requirements, once this has been conducted, commissioning will commence.

    • Commissioning

      After any installation, we aim to commission the work undertaken. Typically, commissioning is undertaken at 2nd fix stage or once the power is to be turned on. Before this, we conduct safety tests, this ensures the installation complies to our design criteria and towards BS7671 and other statutory requirements. Once we have conducted dead tests, and where applicable live tests, we will then proceed to hand over the project once we have identified the work is safe for use and complies.

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