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    We are confident in the work we undertake and want to share it with potential clients and enthusiasts alike.

    Some of our work

    Waitrose EV Installation

    Waitrose wireless EV Installation

    After our first successful Wireless EV Installation at Edinburgh, Cassidy Systems Limited was invited back down to London with Flexible Power Systems to install another one of these astonishing pieces of equipment! During this installation, we was responsible for the dis-assembly and re-assembly of the machinery on-site due to the size restrictions within the underground car park. As you can see from the installation photo’s the installation went perfect and the equipment was energized the same day. We love this specialist equipment and are eager to assist with specialist EV Installations where applicable.

    During our time here, we liaised with Waitrose’s dedicated main contractors as well as the team at FPS providing technical guidance on connection and knowledge of EV’s towards the Waitrose staff who had questions of this new equipment! (They were very excited).

    Wireless EV Installation

    This project, mentioned in our first newsletter explains the installation that we were part of with FPS (Flexible Power Systems). We were responsible for the machine installation, providing power to the wireless EV equipment, ensuring it was installed to the standards of Statutory legislation, Manufacturer’s instructions and BS7671. This was part of a £1.6 Million project lead by FPS, and we are very grateful to be part of this new technology! This is one of the UK’s Wireless vehicle chargers that utilises the CCS charging method at a combined 44kW peak capacity. More can be found on their website! www.flexpowersystems.com

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